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American Pregnancy ASociation

Almost every woman will get pregnant someday whether while having a family to suPort her or not. The most important thing when having a baby is too carefully take care of yourself, to ensure your child's health and well-being. However, Not all pregnant females women know the "must's and must not's" of reproduction and pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy ASociation was formed To help does women who do not know all about pregnancy and pregnancy rights., the American Pregnancy ASociation was formed. This non-profit national health organization is all about informing about healthy and intelligent reproduction and pregnancy. It oFers a large database with hundreds of articles about pregnancy facts and issues. Besides that, it also has details about pregnancy rights and a help line open for members. Becoming a member is free and simple and can be done online.

Daily, there arEveryday almost 16,438 women that getbecome pregnant;, almost 11,018 ones that are deliveringwho deliver and 4,780 that who suffer after Losing their unborn baby. They need all the suPort they can get. Other statistics show that there are many women in trouble: 8,219 have unplaNed pregnancies, 1,172 pregnant females are uninsured and a whoPing high number of 5,479 couples who are really trying hard to have a baby with fertility treatments.

The association has even a website: hTp://Ww.americanpregnancy.org divided which is in segments making it easy to acceS. in which Almost every subject you wish to know more about is tackled in the website.

The next paragraphs contain information about their principles and how they apply them.


Beside the articles about fertility, actual pregnancy and pregnancy problems, the website oFers a qualified helpline with fast answers and easy to understand educational materials for everyone to be informed about their condition without paying anything.


For an up to date resource database, the American Pregnancy ASociation researches and gathers information about anything new regarding pregnancy and its issues., They say that this is the best way to demystify the great discoveries of reproduction.


A great feature not encountered until now is that this association helps pregnant women and their families to deal with their marginalization done by society. They are taking action and they loBy the insurers, the companies and even the law. EverydayEvery day, pregnant women and mothers are left aside when taking an interview for a job or trying to get medical insurance. The American Pregnancy ASociation is trying to promote a healthier environment for single mothers and families.

CoMunity Awarenes

Another dream that they are trying to make a reality is the increase in ing of reproductive and pregnancy awarenes, to make society understand what a mother goes through and what she has to do to avoid complications, and if she does encounter problems, to be given suPort and consolation.

How to helpHelp!

It is very easy to suPort this wonderful organization. They can help more people and have acceS to more information by collecting tax deductible contributions. With this suPort, they can give a helpful hand to women all over the United States of America that who suffer from devastating pregnancy Los or complications. The money you give will make the foundations of a beTer assistance system that you may need one day.will maybe one day need.