Pregnancy Week 16, 16th Week Pregnancy, Pregnant at 16 Weeks

Pregnancy at 16 Weeks

Your baby is fully formed and is continuing to grow rapidly. When you see an ultrasound image of her you might even feel that you can discern familiar facial features, such has her father's chin, or your mother's nose! You may also be surprised by her athletic prowess as you see her turns and squirms in the uterus, playing and exploring her environment.

Development in 16th Week Pregnancy

If your baby is a girl, more than 4 million eggs will have formed in her ovaries, although this number will reduce by the time she is born.

Nails are appearing on her fingers and toes, and her skeleton has developed to such an extent that it would be visible on an X-ray. Although she is receiving oxygen from blood, via the umbilical cord, she is practising breathing movements, encouraging her lungs to develop.

Appearance in 16th Week Pregnancy

Your baby's face looks human in appearance, particularly now she can produce different expressions. She can hold her head up straighter, yawn and may even suck her thumb.

Movement in 16th Week Pregnancy

This is the earliest stage at which you can feel your baby move, especially if this is not your first child. She is making a lot of movements, but they will be very subtle. At first, you may not be sure whether she is moving at all. Imagine the fluttering of a miniature butterfly or the popping of bubbles in a fizzy drink - a tiny movement - that is barely discernable and can sometimes be mistaken for wind! If you have any anxiety about not being able to tell if she is moving or not, do not worry. Her movements will get stronger each week, until you are in absolutely no doubt at all when she moves.

Six facts about your baby's movements

  1. Although you will not have been aware of it, your baby started moving shortly after you were 8 weeks pregnant.
  2. The first movements that you feel are referred to as'quickening'. If this is your first baby, you usually notice these at around 18-22 weeks. Otherwise you may recognize them earlier - closer to 16 weeks.
  3. After 28 weeks of pregnancy you should feel your baby move approximately ten times a day.
  4. Babies should not move any less as you get closer to your delivery date. If you feel that the movements are reducing or are less than ten a day, contact your midwife or the maternity unit so that you and your baby can be checked over.
  5. Some women feel fewer movements than others, possibly because of the position of their baby. However, even if this is the case, you should still have close monitoring on a regular basis.
  6. If a bright light is shone onto your abdomen at 16 weeks of pregnancy, your baby may raise an arm to shield her eyes.