Pregnancy Week 11, 11th Week Pregnancy, Pregnant at 11 Weeks

Pregnancy at 11 Weeks

By this point of your pregnancy your baby has grown to approximately the size of a small lime. By the end of this week his organs are not only formed but are also working. As a result of this, your pregnancy is stronger, your baby's development is not so vulnerable to environmental risks and the danger of you suffering a miscarriage is reduced.

Development in 11th Week Pregnancy

Your baby's heart is working hard, pumping blood around his body and through the umbilical cord to the area that is developing into the placenta. His outer ears are moving from the neck to the sides of the head, and the middle and inner ears are completely formed. The ovaries and testicles have developed inside the body but your baby's sex is not obvious from the outside because the genitals have not developed.

Appearance in 11th Week Pregnancy

Most of the time your baby will be in the fetal position, with chin bent down and knees curled up, but, despite that, he is very active. His limbs remain quite short but they are undeveloped because he has not as yet been moving them.

The more he moves, the stronger his muscles will become, and this will encourage their growth. His head appears large and out of proportion to his body, but his face is more rounded with discernible features.

Movement in 11th Week Pregnancy

Your baby is making more definite movements, moving his spine and stretching his arms and legs. He can even open and close his mouth!

Old Wives' Tales
According to folklore, if you suffer from heartburn in pregnancy, your baby will be born with a good head of hair!

The umbilical cord
  • At full term, the cord is about 50 cm long and 1-1.5 cm thick.
  • Your baby does not feel anything when the cord is cut after the birth.
  • After the birth, when your baby breathes, the cord has no further function though it provides him with extra blood and oxygen until it is clamped.