Pregnancy Week 12, 12th Week Pregnancy, Pregnant at 12 Weeks

Pregnancy at 12 Weeks

Your baby has grown to about the size of a lemon. This stage of pregnancy, which marks the end of the first 3 months, often feels like a milestone for many women because the risk of miscarriage is reduced after week 12. The major development of your baby is complete and the emphasis is now on growth. Although the placenta is small, it is now complete.

Development in 12th Week Pregnancy

Your baby's ears have moved to the sides of her head and the remainder of her face is now formed. Her jaws have tooth buds in place, and she can suck and swallow. She has an unmistakable chin and her nose is more obvious. Her eyelids are fused shut over her eyes. Her circulation is fully functioning, her kidneys are working, and her bones are becoming harder.

The muscles of your baby's intestine are moving, practising peristalsis, the contractions used to move food through the bowels.

Appearance in 12th Week Pregnancy

Her skin remains very thin and translucent and the blood vessels are visible through it. Her limbs are growing in length and are more in proportion to the rest of her body.

Tiny nails are growing on her fully formed fingers and toes. Her external genitals are forming,, although it would still be very difficult to determine the sex of your baby on an ultrasound scan.

Movement in 12th Week Pregnancy

The movements of your baby will increase as the muscles in her limbs develop, although you will not be aware of them. She can even move her fingers, clenching and unclench her hands. Researchers have described a baby's movements, seen on an ultrasound scan at this stage, as graceful.