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Pregnancy at 7 Weeks

By now you will probably be more aware of being pregnant because of the hormones rushing around your body, in particular progesterone, oestrogen, HPL and HCG. Your body is still working incredibly hard, and you will feel tired. It is during this week and the next that the tiny embryo that is your baby will be transformed into a human-looking fetus.

Development in 7th Week Pregnancy

The heart now has four clearly defined chambers and, although it is still simple, it has a regular beat.The lungs are developing, the muscles and bones are forming, and the limbs are beginning to take shape.The head and brain are growing rapidly, with ridges defining the three areas of the brain.

These areas will develop into:

Nasal and oral cavities are developing, which will rapidly become facial features, such as the eyes, ears and mouth. Amazingly, your baby already has an appendix!

Appearance in 7th Week Pregnancy

The limb buds are now developing into more recognizable, paddle-shaped arms and legs. A neck is starting to separate the relatively large head from the body. There is a dark tinge where the eyes are forming, and eyelids are also developing. In profile, the tip of the nose is present. Your baby even has lips and a tongue, even though it is only the size of a baked bean!

Movement in 7th Week Pregnancy

Your baby will start to make tiny'twitching'movements that may be detected by sensitive ultrasound eguipment. However, you will not be able to feel any movements until approximately 18 weeks of pregnancy. The sex glands are now developing, although, at this stage, it is impossible to tell the sex by ultrasound scan.