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Pregnancy at 32 Weeks

As your baby grows, she no longer 'floats' in the amniotic fluid but rests in the uterus, most often in the head-down position. If your midwife confirms that your baby has not yet turned head down, you can encourage her to do so by adopting an all-fours position. Do not worry, though. There is still plenty of time for her to get into her final position.

Development in 32nd Week Pregnancy

Your baby's hearing is becoming more finely attuned. Her environment is constantly filled with noise - the sounds of your stomach, your heartbeat and the blood rushing through the umbilical cord. It is not surprising that newborn babies do not need quiet to sleep when they have become used to such constant sounds. The lining in the air sacs of your baby's lungs continue to secrete surfactant. Unless her breathing system is mature, she will not be able to breathe unaided when she is born.

Appearance in 32nd Week Pregnancy

Your baby looks like a smaller version of a full-term baby but is still very delicate. A few creases are developing where she is laying down fat, at the top of her thighs and on her arms. The hair on her head continues to grow and there may still be a light covering of soft lanugo across the back of her shoulders and along the tops of her arms.

Movement in 32nd Week Pregnancy

Your baby may still be looking for a position in which to settle when it comes to the birth. By now most babies are head down, but there are many who will still turn around. She no longer has as much room to somersault but mothers often notice when their baby changes position and can tell the difference between a hard head and a bony bottom, or a rounded fist and a pointed elbow!