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Pregnancy at 36 Weeks

The Braxton Hicks tightenings will probably feel quite uncomfortable at times, as your uterus gets ready for labour. Practise breathing through them when you feel your abdomen tighten. Your life is probably revolving around waiting for your labour to start and confirming that all your arrangements for the birth and for the first few weeks afterwards are in place.

Development in 36th Week Pregnancy

Your baby's development is almost complete, although she would still be considered premature if she was born at this time. Her lungs continue to develop and, every day, more fat cells are being laid down in a layer underneath her skin.

Appearance in 36th Week Pregnancy

Your midwife should have a good idea of your baby's size when she palpates your uterus to check that it is still expanding at the right rate and also to feel your baby's position. Even if she is not a large baby, her cheeks will be plump. By now, her nails wiil reach her fingertips. When she is bom they will probably be long enough for her to scratch herself- although they are very soft, almost like paper.

Movement in 36th Week Pregnancy

Your baby has less room to move around but you should still feel at least ten movements a day. These will feel more like a large'shifting'movement rather than arms and legs waving around. If she is in the breech position, you will probably be aware of an uncomfortable bump right under your ribs where her head is pressing.

Did you know?
Your uterus normally weighs about 50 g, but by week 36, it weighs more than 1 kg - that is more than 20 times heavier than normal!