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Pregnancy Pact

"Pregnancy Pact," a movie based on a true story of a girls' gang from Massachusetts who had a pact to get pregnant all at the same time, brings to the spotlight, issues, such as teen parenting, social or family taboos like sexual education, and how much religious education weighs in dealing with the issue.

Talk about sex

Back in old times, people were backwards and wrapped up in shame to talk about sex with their parents. Parents do not talk about it with their teen kids, as if they did not have sex and it was the stork, who deposited the baby by the window. Teachers do not talk about it in school; there has never been such a class entry in their agenda. So, teens have babies because they didn't know too much about why they should not indulge in sex. They should be preoccupied with their own growth, instead of becoming a parent at fifteen.

It's always been an interesting study of mine, how this embarrassment with sex talk, seems to be genetically transmitted from one generation onto the next. It's happening nowadays still! Not as much as before, but kids still do not get all there is to know from their parents. They get it from their friends or colleagues, from personal, direct observation of the world around, from TV or internet or school. It is not the case in some modern, decent families, but oh, so many families just scratch the issue out of the parenting obligation.

Think of your fifteen years old daughter, who may become a mother in nine months. Take more than a second and unfold this scenario in front of your eyes; how her life is going to change, how her teenage period will be shortly cut off, how your own life will change in an instant and you'll be, weirdly enough, both grandmother and mother, because your fifteen cannot presumably be having all the know-how of motherhood. I could go on talking about sexually transmitted diseases, and AIDS, yet just naming them should be a strong incentive for you to open up. Are you ready now to talk about sex with your daughter?

Church pressure on motherhood

Pregnancy pact is a tangent with religious education and how much or not it interferes with becoming a teen parent. Let's presume you've been raised by a solid religious family, in a society where people pray and go to place of worship. You have been transmitted all the good values. Abortion and preventing pregnancy is a big sin in some of the religions. Yet, indulging in sex before marriage is a taboo in almost all the religions. So, if you're fifteen, one could assume you haven't started your sex life yet. Is that the reality nowadays? Not really. Thus, parents have a difficult work at adjusting to the new pace that their children are living in, and try to protect them from unwanted pregnancies or diseases.