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Pregnancy Care

As soon as you will announce that you are pregnant, everyone will hurry to advise you what you should and what you shouldn't do during pregnancy. Of course, some of the advice you receive will really help you; but the fact is that a part of the advice and information you will receive in this period of pregnancy is a myth or an understatement. I will suggest some of these myths and realities about pregnancy. First of all, you should know that for you and your baby's safety, it is better to consult with your doctor regarding the advice you receive and all the problems and issues that are on your mind.

Don't do physical exercises. Fitness and physical activity are dangerous! FALSE

Dr Ahmed Shams, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology from the University of Alexandria, USA, points out that moderate physical activity during pregnancy improves blood circulation and helps you to maintain your good spirits and physical condition. However, don't forget to ask your doctor before starting these exercises and begin them only after he confirms that you have a normal pregnancy.

Swimming is dangerous! FALSE

Swim! Swimming, walking and prenatal yoga are in the top list of physical activities recommended during pregnancy. Swimming is healthy and stimulates your body. It is considered a "safe sport", because you feel "lighter" in the water and the risk of getting hurt is lower.

Consuming too much liquid leads to water retention. FALSE

On the contrary, drink as much water as you can! Consuming it decreases the possibility of water retention, avoids constipation and helps clean your kidneys.

Hot showers are dangerous! TRUE

Too hot water will make your veins enlarge and this will lead to low blood pressure. The water temperature should always be moderate.

You have to eat for two. FALSE

Most of the people say you should eat for two, but you shouldn't. It is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the food you eat. So eat as much as you want, without excess.

Don't wear high heels! TRUE

Dr. Shams explains that wearing high heel shoes can harm your vertebral column and increase the risk of getting hurt because of instability.

Smoking is harmful! TRUE

It is proved that toxins reach the placenta and have a serious impact on the baby. Spontaneous abortion, pregnancy interruption, premature birth and low birth weight have been related to smoking. Even if other women and your friends didn't have such problems when giving birth to a baby, due to smoking, this does not mean that nobody can have them. Play it safe!

Coffee isn't recommended during pregnancy. TRUE AND FALSE

This myth is still in negotiation. Due to many factors, such as: the type of coffee, the size of the cup, the quantity of coffee consumed daily, the coffee's quantity of caffeine, researchers haven't managed to prove, whether coffee consumption during pregnancy is dangerous or not. They have drawn the conclusion that a daily cup of coffee is not harmful. However, if you halt between these two opinions, stop drinking coffee during pregnancy.