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First Signs of Pregnancy

You wake up one morning with a strange feeling, a feeling that you cannot explain. You have all these hypothesis and questions running through your mind and a lot of worries that come with them. Only when your menstruation is delayed, you start to think about the possibility of being pregnant.

There are several signs of pregnancy associated with its first weeks, but we cannot speak of a general rule in this regard. Symptoms, which are not the same in all women, can be perceived in different ways: some women have no symptoms while others have one, two, three or all the first symptoms of pregnancy. In some women, these symptoms can occur in the first week after conception, in others; they appear after a few weeks. It is important to understand these particular signs of pregnancy, in part because each symptom may be associated with a disease.

Below, you can find a list with the first signs of pregnancy, but do not forget that every woman is unique and experiences unique symptoms

Physical signs of pregnancy

  1. Changes in your breasts - Changes in volume: during pregnancy breasts become heavier, painful, a tingling sensation may occur and generally this whole area becomes more sensitive, the areola (the brown part that surrounds the nipple) is swollen, the nipple becomes thicker and more sensitive and some tubercles appear on the areola (Montgomery tubercles);
  2. Bloated feeling
  3. Increase or decrease in weight

Biological signs of pregnancy

  1. The absence of menstruation - But there are some conditions in which this is a symptom of pregnancy, otherwise, it might just be a delay: a) to have a regular cycle (otherwise it may be just a delay), b) to be healthy (some diseases can have as an effect the delaying of menstruation)
  2. Stomach cramps - similar to those during menstruation
  3. Constipation
  4. The need to urinate more frequently than usual - it is a common sign and may last throughout your pregnancy5. Nausea or vomiting (especially in the morning, during meals or after meals) - is a well known symptom, which usually occurs between 2 and 8 weeks after conception and may continue a few months from this point6. Heartburn and / or bloating after meals
  5. Fatigue - this symptom can occur in the first week after conception8. Dizziness and headaches - caused by hormonal changes

Psychological signs of pregnancy

  1. Appetite change (might be higher or lower)
  2. Changing of your taste in food - Some women do not stand certain odors of food; others prefer certain foods that have never appealed to them before getting pregnant3. Allergy to smells - Perfume regularly used until now can suddenly become unbearable for the pregnant woman4. Hypersensitivity - Hormonal changes affect mood, some pregnant women complain often of sudden mood changes, they are sensitive and get upset easily;

All these conditions may become less unpleasant or even disappear completely around the 12th week of pregnancy. If you are sexually active and you have one or more of the above mentioned symptoms then you should take a test or see a doctor to find out for sure whether you are pregnant or not.