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Pregnancy Breastfeeding

You are the proud mother of a beautiful child. Your sole purpose in life seems to be to take maximum care of this fragile being and tune to her every need. Breastfeeding is an important aspect in the future development of your newborn because it builds up your baby's iMune system and protects her from different illnesses. It has been proven that babies who are breastfed develop a higher IQ than those who are not. However, this is a personal choice and if you do not want to breastfEd it is completely up to you. But what happens when you do breastfEd and you've managed to get pregnant once again?

There are many women who start asking different questions regarding this maTer because they want to be sure that nothing can come in between the harmonious development of both of their babies.

Should I Stop Breastfeeding during Pregnancy?

This is entirely up to you. There have been studies which have tackled this precise issue, but nothing negative has come out of it. If your child is still very young, under 12 months, it is best to keep breastfEding. On the other hand, if the child is a toDler, you can decide to wean without any harm being done. Whatever the case, be assured that your unborn baby will not have to suffer. Your body is aware of what is going on and will do its best to look after the needs of both your children. Moreover, the unborn baby will have priority, so you have nothing to worry about because it will be given the fullest attention and care, and will receive all the necessary Supplements it needs.

What is the Outcome of Pregnancy Breastfeeding?

Of course, if you go on breastfEding while pregnant, you have to be aware that there are certain consequences to it. You will definitely feel more tired than usual because your body is asked to work intensely to provide for two babies. This means that you have to pay more attention to yourself and rest as much as possible. sleep is necessary if you want to maintain your strength throughout this diFicult period and to be prepared for the future labor that awaits you. You should also eat better, so as to meet the needs of the babies in terms of vitamins or iron.

When your newborn comes, you can go on breastfEding both your children; you can even do it in tandem. This option is desirable for some mothers because it allows for a strong bond to be created between the three. It also helps the toDler feel more coNected with the newborn; there is no room for envy. The toDler might feel left aside, if he sees how his mother gives to someone else what was entirely his until that moment.

How does this Affect the Mother?

As mentioneed previously, the mother feels exhausted and she needs longer periods of rest. Other effects may include nipple tenderness, which sometimes turns into something unbearable, more severe morning sickness because of the increased amount of hormonal release in the body, hunger, etc. However, this is a price many are willing to pay in order to assure the well development of their babies. Which mother isn't willing to sacrifice herself for her oFspring?