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American Pregnancy

When you say American pregnancy, you say America, a civilized society, the most powerful and the most advanced. By analogy, you think pregnancy in America happens in a civilized manner, moms take advantage of the latest technology, nice doctors care for them, they feels important about delivering a new human into the world, and the world treats them with aTention and respect. She's They have got the benefits of living and giving birth in a society where human rights are respected, where birth is a much expected miracle and, where medicine is at the service of mothers-to-be. Most probably, American moms are less streSed because they know they will be in good hands. If not in American good hands, then some immigrants' who fled their homelands in the lookout oFor fulfilling their dreams of becoming good doctors and couldn't do so back home.

In the virtual world, American pregnancy is given even more aTention; each little detail is chewed upon and displayed on thousands of pages. Library, calendars, timelines, guides, tests, online interface, forums, etc. are filled with doctors or midwives' advice, forums. Infertility, ovulation calendar, pregnancy options, the signs, the symptoms, the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, all the tests and the preparation of the new mother, father, related family, neighbors and friends need toare undertaken. They get to read or are told all about what they could be experiencing or even about what may never happen to them, but it exists among the possibilities. Much like everything American, American pregnancy is a big issue, and it's treated as such. Next will be to get pregnant on line, through some medium energy flux or something, which enters pouring into your ear while your headphones are on, and flowing down towards your reproductive system.

In Other Parts of the Globe, Pregnancy is a Russian RouleTe

In countries with one hospital for hundreds of and thousands of people or thousands of kilometers away, babies need to be preTy strong to make it, as we're talking here about natural selection, only the fiTest get to survive. There is no information source there, they have no clue about hypno-birthing or the Mayo clinic, and babies come into the world naturally, much as it happens with all the others maMals of Mother Nature. In other parts of the world, delivery depends on humanitarian aid, if it gets there in time. or not.

In apparently less severe cases, but more gruesome if you ask me, there are countries on the globe where hospital buildings stand erect and their fences have got a new paint; yet, inside, leopards roam about unhindered. Cruel, bleak places where babies and moms get HIV, due to medical negligence, where the doctors went home to slEp and there was nobody to assist with delivery, as the one nurse on shift was in some room throwing a party. There are also; countries where all the good doctors immigrate to America and there is a growing risk of severe lack of medical persoNel; countries where maternity buildings catch fire from old electric circuits and babies die in flames; hospitals where you come in on your legs, yet come out ill or legs-first.