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Weight Loss After Pregnancy

If you get on the scales, just a few days after birth, you will be either disappointed, or downright terrified. You expected to lose many pounds after giving birth, but sometimes you do not lose as much as you had expected.

If you are among those, who have not lost as much weight as hoped after birth, there is no tragedy. It is possible that the weight of the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid have been replaced by the weight of liquids that you have accumulated in the body. Many mothers receive infusions of various fluids during labor and those remain in the tissues. They will be eliminated over the next two to three weeks through urine and sweat.

Your life after childbirth

It's normal to want to go back to the original weight as fast as possible, especially after you've had so many troubles and so many extra pounds. But do not rush. Life with a newborn raises all sorts of problems that will hinder your weight loss plans. So take it slow and think that all those kilograms were collected in nine months. You will need at least as much time to get rid of them.

A mistake that many mothers do is to compare themselves with celebrities, who have given birth recently. Indeed, most of them return to the figure of a diva no later than one month after birth, but let's not forget that they have a whole team of nutritionists, nannies and many other specialists.

Weight loss

Your body needs at least six months to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. So do not rush to keep diets, even if you are not breastfeeding. Besides, after the physical trauma of birth, you are probably tired, as taking care of the baby requires a lot of effort on your part and a lot of energy. So in the first few months do not think about losing weight, but rather about a healthy diet to provide all the energy you need. If you have time to cook low-calorie foods, it is perfect, if not; make sure you get all the necessary nutrients.

Of course, physical activity is good, but too much effort will hurt you. That does not mean you must become a sedentary, especially if you were very active before pregnancy. But avoid exercises that require effort, at least before the six weeks checkup. Walking is an excellent exercise, and the baby will love it.

If you are breastfeeding, you have extra support in your attempts to lose weight. On average, a mother produces 850 ml of milk per day, which requires about 500 calories. This means that of the total calories that you "eat", 500 are consumed by breastfeeding. It's like using a medicine bicycle for one hour.

You can start a weight loss program two to three months after birth, when you feel you have your strength back, and you have returned to normal menstrual cycle. Yet, it is not good to try drastic diets. The ideal is to lose a pound a week.

How long it takes you to go back to original weight depends on how many kilograms you gained during pregnancy. On average, mothers gain between 11 and 15 pounds. They lose about 5-7 kg at birth. The rest should be gone in six - eight months. If you took more than 15 pounds during pregnancy, you need one month for every three extra kilograms. Even so, do not rush and do not impose standards on yourself. Let your body rebound slowly and naturally.