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Twin Pregnancy

The news that she will give birth to twins may be a reason of joy for the young mother, but at the same time, it may constitute a reason for concern about how the family will cope with more children at once. Suddenly, all the worries seem to be double, and bringing twins into the world seems to be a double challenge.

In the following lines, we will try to understand more about twins and we will learn how we can take care of them in a timely manner. All the information can also be applied to triplets or any multiple pregnancies.

How do twins occur?

Identical twins (monozygotic twins)

Non-identical twins (fraternal twins)

Siamese Twins

Preparing for the birth of twins

Before the birth of twins, careful preparation is recommended:

Breastfeeding twins

As the quantity of breast milk increases when a surplus of demand exists, the vast majority of mothers of twins can successfully cope with breastfeeding the little ones.