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Your Baby at 25 Weeks

From 6 months, try singing the same songs or nursery rhymes to your baby on a regular basis. Singing combines a right (music) with a left (words) brain activity and will encourage the connections between the two halves of your baby's brain to grow. A fetus generally seems to react to his mother's voice best, and then to deep male voices.

Development in 25th Week Pregnancy

Your baby now weighs about 680-850 g.The lungs, which were originally spongy-solid, are now filling with air sacs, each wrapped in a network of blood vessels. There is no air inside them at the moment, just fluid from the amniotic sac. This passes in and out as your baby practises breathing, his chest rising and falling as he does so.

Appearance in 25th Week Pregnancy

Your baby is looking more like a proper baby, although his head is still relatively large in comparison to the rest of his body - even a newborn baby's head takes up one quarter of his length and is wider than his shoulders. His arms and legs are still quite thin, as the fat stores at this stage of his development make up just 1 per cent of his total body weight.

Movement in 25th Week Pregnancy

Floating in the amniotic fluid, your baby is able to move vigorously and to stretch his arms and legs in a more deliberate way. He is reaching out and touching whatever he encounters around him, like the umbilical cord, grabbing his feet, and even sucking his thumb or fingers.

Did you know?

Nerve cells (or, properly, neurons) are produced in the fetus at a (mind-boggling) average rate of 250,000 per minute!

Preparing yourself

Mentally preparing yourself is part of adjusting to life with a baby, particularly if you have a busy life. Try to make time every day when you can think about your baby. Imagine how he looks now, and what position he is in and what he will be like when he arrives.Talk to him as you stroke your bump.