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Pregnancy at 23 Weeks

If your partner lays his head on your abdomen, he may be aware of your baby's heartbeat as well as feeling some small ripples of movement. This will be a very special moment for him as it could be his first real opportunity to bond. Also, if the baby has older siblings, it is a good idea to let them enjoy this moment too, as it can help them feel that the new baby is already part of their family.

Development in 23rd Week Pregnancy

Your baby's bones, muscles and organs are steadily growing and his lungs continue to develop. There is also a lot of activity in his brain. Babies at this stage appear to prefer the taste of sweet to bitter!

Appearance in 23rd Week Pregnancy

Your baby's skin still looks'too big'for him - so he looks as if he is wearing an over-sized baby-grow suit - but it will fill out once the fat develops beneath it.The lanugo covering him darkens and the amount of sticky vernix increases, some of which may still be there when he is born. His eyes are still closed, but their colour is starting to develop.

Movement in 23rd Week Pregnancy

You may notice that your baby is developing a pattern of waking and sleeping. Many babies are active at night, when their mothers are still, but are rocked to sleep during the day when their mothers are moving around. This is probably why it is soothing for them to be held and walked around when they are newborn.

Did you know?
Researchers in California have found that, the happier the mother during pregnancy, the healthier the baby will be when it is bom. Apparently, the babies of women who have plenty of support from friends and family during their pregnancy grow better in the uterus.