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Pregnancy at 21 Weeks

Your baby is now a smaller, thinner version of how he will look at full term. He may already have recognizable family features! The next few weeks are crucial as his lungs mature, which is essential for his survival outside of the uterus. Even though he won't take his first breath of air for another 19 weeks, he still 'practises' breathing movements.

Development in 21st Week Pregnancy

The growth of your baby's brain is very rapid. It is at around this time that he is thought to develop memory, so play soothing pieces of music - they may also calm him after he is born. His tongue, complete with taste buds, is fully developed. He already has a high number of red blood cells and it is now that white blood cells are produced. These cells are essential for helping him to fight infection. If your baby is a girl, her uterus and vagina will have developed. If your baby is a boy, his testes will probably have started to descend towards the scrotum.

Appearance in 21st Week Pregnancy

Lanugo now covers your baby's entire body, but the hair growing on his head is far more visible, with eyebrows and eyelashes becoming more defined. His skin is growing, and he will soon start to lay down some fat. Over the next few weeks he will become less thin but will still be red and wrinkled.

Movement in 21st Week Pregnancy

Your baby is very active and you will probably be aware of his movements. Babies appear to use the umbilical cord as a toy, trying to grab it and even squeeze it.

I've been told that I'm definitely carrying a boy because of the shape of my bump. Is this true or not?

Among all of the myths associated with pregnancy one of the most common is that the shape of your bump - to the front or all round, is dictated by the sex of the baby that you are expecting. The reality is that the shape of your bump depends on a number of factors related more to you dian to your baby, including which way die baby is lying in your uterus, how much weight you have put on during your pregnancy, your height, if your muscles have been stretched during previous pregnancies and the shape of your pelvis.