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Pregnancy at 18 Weeks

No new structures will be formed now. Your baby has everything she needs, but she is not mature enough to survive if she was born at this stage. You will probably start to feel her moving around this time. Babies appear to move more when their mothers are still so it may be movement that lulls them to sleep. It seems that babies continue to find being'on the move'comforting after they are born.

Development in 18th Week Pregnancy

The last organ to develop is the lungs, and will take many weeks. This is why premature babies often need help with their breathing. At this stage, tiny air sacs (alveoli) are beginning to form in the lungs. Her muscles are strengthening. Her kidneys are working and she is swallowing amniotic fluid and also urinating, thus maintaining the volume of amniotic fluid.

Appearance in 18th Week Pregnancy

Your baby's head and body are more in proportion now, and the facial features are very clear. Her skin looks red and her body is still very thin because the majority of fat will not be laid down until the final weeks.

Movement in 18th Week Pregnancy

There is plenty of room for your baby to move around. This movement is vital for the proper development of the muscles, joints and bones. Ultrasound scans have shown babies crossing their legs, somersaulting, or resting while sucking their thumb. She might already have a pattern of activity and rest time.

Anomaly Scan

This ultrasound scan at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy checks for obvious abnormalities with your baby and for the position of the placenta. Some sonographers will tell you the sex of your baby at this point.