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Pregnancy at 33 Weeks

By this stage of pregnancy you are probably communicating with your baby on a regular basis, even if you are not always aware of it. Many women inadvertently stroke their abdomen or talk to their baby, and your baby is increasingly aware of the sounds, movements and emotions that you communicate to him. Get your partner to massage your bump with gentle, sweeping, rhythmic movements.

Development in 33rd Week Pregnancy

The main focus now is on growth. Your baby needs to become bigger, fatter and stronger in order to maintain his body temperature, feed well and fight off any infections that come his way.

His immune system is still developing and, although his major organs are complete, the extra weeks are crucial for the final stages of the development of his lungs, which are maturing fast.

Appearance in 33rd Week Pregnancy

Your baby looks very much the same as he will at full term, but smaller and generally more'delicate'. His skin appears paler because of the build-up of white fat beneath it. This fat will have a big impact on his appearance, making his skin smoother and plumper, with dimples at the elbows and knees and creases in the wrists and neck.

Movement in 33rd Week Pregnancy

Your baby is still quite active. You and your partner may be able to recognize the shape of a small foot or elbow pressing against your abdomen, or a little bottom pushing beneath your ribs. If this is especially uncomfortable, try changing position, which may in turn encourage your baby to shift. Getting down on all fours or going for a swirn can often do the trick.

Did you know?

Your body responds to your different emotions by producing hormones, which are transmitted to your baby through the placenta. This is referred to as sympathetic communication. In this way, your baby becomes aware of whether you are frightened and upset, or happy and relaxed.