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Pregnancy at 30 Weeks

Although you are probably counting the days to the birth now, you may also become anxious as the date becomes closer and more of a reality. Many women worry that they may go into premature labour, especially if they have particularly strong Braxton Hicks tightenings. These can be uncomfortable but should never be painful.

Development in 30th Week Pregnancy

If your baby was born at this stage, she would have an excellent chance of survival, although her immune system and lungs are still immature and will continue to develop. Your placenta has been transmitting your antibodies to your baby, providing her with some immunity against infections and diseases. By breastfeeding, you will continue to provide her with antibodies after she is born.

Appearance in 30th Week Pregnancy

Your baby will probably be lying head down, with her knees curled up into her chest. She is becoming plumper now, so her skin is looking smooth, but she is still covered in greasy, white vernix.

Movement in 30th Week Pregnancy

Your baby will still be able to stretch out and kick you or punch against the wall of your uterus. You may be able to recognize which way she is lying and the different parts of her body as she moves. You may even feel a 'scratching'sensation as she moves her fingers against the wall of your uterus. Do not worry about any possible injury to either you or the baby. She is surrounded by fluid, which protects you both and lessens the impact of any strong movements.

Introduce your bump to your other children - she will already have been listening to their voices and so will recognize them when she arrives in the outside world. Interest your older child in your bump and explain that there is a new younger brother or sister on the way, so that he or she can be looking forward to the event, too.