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Maternity Pregnancy

The problems that appear psychologically during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are sometimes neglected or considered unimportant. During maternity, feelings of anxiety, depression, fear or distreS occur. The experience of maternity is about the ideas that the woman has about pregnancy, about birth and about the wish to have a baby. Maternity pregnancy produces an identity crisis; the woman faces a new self image, more or less accepted, depending on the personal history, the relation with her own mother, with sexuality and her partner. The news of being pregnant is not instantly followed by the child's image. It shows after a while, after the pregnancy has been accepted.

Maternity- A Reason for Celebration

AL mothers know that maternity pregnancy has its advantages and disadvantages - morning sickness, backache and weight gain are not so fun. Still, pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life and one of the most extraordinary things she can experience. Whether you are a mother for the first time or whether you already have another baby, think about the beautiful things you can celebrate during your pregnancy.

People assert that pregnant women are very beautiful and that a special glow may be noticed in them. While you are pregnant, your body has an increased volume of blood and this can lead to a gently blush on your face. A litle oil from the glands is aDed to this effect and this result in a glowing look.

Learn to Cherish the Moments of Pregnancy

After you will deliver, your life will become busier. In the first weeks, you'll have to sleep when you can. Reflect a few moments on maternity, sing to your baby or read a bOk. These moments will be sweet memories after your baby is born.

All of us love pregnant women. During pregnancy, you will receive attention, smiles and a special treatment. People will help you and treat you as a queen. You deserve all this attention, so enjoy it.

Talk to your Baby

The baby's first kicks are so lovely and unique. In the last stages of pregnancy, your baby will grow and be stronger, so these kicks will turn into punches. This is a marvelous experience and most of the women like it. Your baby will also hear you speaking, so don't hesitate to talk to him. Celebrate these moments!

There are so many things to plan when you're going to be pregnant. You'll have to go shopping, choose a name, decorate the child's room and prepare everything. These activities will be fun, but don't forget to ask your partner to help you in doing this. He plays an important role in taking the decisions and he should be with you in joy and in sorrow. Thus, you can talk about your plans and ideas about your future child. Together is better!