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Hair Loss after Pregnancy

It is common for mothers to experience hair loss after giving birth. keep in mind that this is completely normal and temporary and contrary to common belief, it has nothing to do with breastfEding. Most women will return to the normal growth cycle of the hair in 6 to 12 months after child delivery.

Many new moms notice that hair begins to fall (sometimes in alarming amounts) about three months after birth. This is a normal physiological change and it is temporary, not influenced by the fact that the new mother is nursing.

The Hair Growth Cycle

During our lifetime, hair registers a growth phase (called anagen) and a stagnation phase (telogen). On the scalp, anagen lasts about three years, while telogen about 3 months, although there may be variations of these terms according to each individual. During the period of telogen, hair foLicle that remains stagnant until the capillary is pushed out by another strand of hair that begins the anagen.

Normally, about 85-95% of your hair is in the growth phase at any point in of time, but hormonal changes during pregnancy stimulate an increase in the percentage of hairs that are in the growth period. As a result, many women enjoy a richer look during pregnancy, as hairs grow more than normal and fall / stagnate much less.

Hair Cycle after Pregnancy

Once your baby is born, hormonal changes accompany this happy event and a lot of hair on your scalp enters a new phase of stagnation. New mothers will experience a fair amount of hair loss with the closing phase of stagnation.

Postpartum hair loss starts about three months after birth. The time interval between childbirth and the onset of hair loss corresponds to the period of stagnation of the hair (between 1 and 6 months, with an average of 3 months). Hair loss can seem more intense if during pregnancy you had a higher growth rate than usual or if you have longer hair. Most women will return to the normal growth of hair in the next six months after birth (or in a range between 6 and 12 months after birth).

What can you do while Waiting for the Hair to Recover to its Normal Growth Cycle?