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Pregnancy at 9 Weeks

During the last 3 weeks, your baby has increased more than three times in size and now looks far more human. The'tail'has disappeared and the growth of the limbs is more in proportion to the body. As your baby goes through this major growth phase, so the placenta is also busy enlarging and building for its important life-supporting role.

Development in 9th Week Pregnancy

Your baby's heart is almost fully developed and is beating approximately 170 times per minute, more than twice as fast as that of an adult. An important band of muscle, which will become the diaphragm, now separates the cavity of the chest and the abdomen. The placental tissue is becoming concentrated in one area of the uterine wall but is not yet fully functional.

Appearance in 9th Week Pregnancy

Your baby's development and appearance is becoming more 'refined'. This week, growth of his hands and feet and his arms and legs is particularly rapid. His fingers have separated and his feet have lengthened. His upper lip is fully formed and his ears are more recognizable. His head is growing rapidly and is almost half the size of his body, appearing out of proportion. Growth is fast and, during the next 3 weeks, his body will more than double in length.

Movement in 9th Week Pregnancy

Your baby is now starting to make more definite movements, exercising his muscles, which will encourage their growth. As well as kicking his feet, he can also move his arms and spine, although you will not be aware of these movements for several weeks yet. Movements are one indication of a healthy baby and if you choose to have an ultrasound scan you will be amazed to see how much movement your baby does make, even though you do not feel it.

I did not realize that I was pregnant and I had too much to drink one night at a party. Will it have affected my baby?

Many women worry about what they ate or drank before they realized that they were pregnant. However, now that you do know, there is a lot that you can do to give your baby the best chance possible. Even if you have never drunk alcohol, mere is no guarantee that your baby will be free from problems, so adopt the healthiest lifestyle you can. Binge-drinking can be dangerous for the baby but the chance of one evening's overindulgence causing a problem is very small.