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Pregnancy at 10 Weeks

Your baby is floating in approximately 50 ml of amniotic fluid and as she continues to grow, the amount of fluid will also increase, as it is largely made up of the urine she excretes! Your baby is developing rapidly, with changes taking place daily. Muscles in your baby's face are developing that will eventually enable her to suck and chew. By this stage, she even has distinctive fingerprints.

Your Baby at 10 Weeks Development in 10th Week Pregnancy

The structure of your baby's brain is complete, although the cells continue to multiply. The palate of her mouth is forming and tooth sockets have formed in her gums. The umbilical cord is fully formed and blood is beginning to circulate through it, although the placenta is not yet formed. Her stomach and intestines are developed, and the muscles of her digestive tract are functional and starting to contract. Your baby's sex is still unclear because the genitals are not fully formed, but male and female characteristics are beginning to show.

Appearance in 10th Week Pregnancy

The most dramatic change is in your baby's face, which is really taking shape and now looks distinctly human. Her head is still large in relation to her body. Her eyes are moving from the sides of the head to the front, and are now covered by the eyelids. Her ears and mouth are forming. Her fingers and toes are no longer webbed.

Movement in 10th Week Pregnancy

As your baby's nervous system becomes more developed, her movements increase. You can detect even tiny movements of her toes. It has been observed on ultrasound scan that, if your abdomen is prodded, your baby will move in response.

Did You Know?
If you are having a dating scan, it will usually be around week 10. Drink plenty beforehand because, when your bladder is full, it helps the sonographer to get a clearer picture of your baby. It will be at this point that the number of babies you are carrying will be confirmed - although, if you are pregnant with twins, you might already have a suspicion because early pregnancy symptoms tend to be much worse.
The sonographer will take measurements of your baby, from which he or she will work out when your baby is due. It is a good idea to take some change with you because you might be able to buy a picture of your baby!