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How Your Baby Has Grown 8 Weeks

Your baby's development

Skin is translucent. Fingers and toes are webbed.

Muscles are developing and tiny movements begin.

The soft, pliable cartilage is starting to harden and lengthen. Joints are distinguishable and there are tiny movements of the spine.

All major internal organs are in place and developing.

Circulatory system:
The four chambers of the heart are forming and the heart is beating approximately 170 times per minute.

Digestive system:
Stomach and intestines have developed. The muscles of the digestive tract are already functioning.

Nervous system:
The brain and spinal cord are now in place.

Urinary system:
Kidneys are preparing to produce urine.

Respiratory system:
Lungs have formed and will continue to develop.

Outer ear structures are developing on each side of the neck.

Eyes are wide apart on the sides of the head. Eyelids are starting to form over them.