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How Your Baby Has Grown 12 Weeks

Your baby's development

Skin and hair:
Skin is translucent. Fingers and toes are no longer webbed and nails are beginning to develop.

Developing muscles are linked with the nervous system. The diaphragm has formed.

All bones are in place. Bones continue to harden.

All major internal organs are formed, but still maturing.

Circulatory system:
This is fully functioning. The heart is pumping blood.

Digestive system:
Fully formed and fuctional.

Endocrine system:
This is starting to manufacture growth hormone and produce alphafetoprotein.

Nervous system:
The brain is now complete but still developing. Messages pass between the spinal cord and muscles.

Renal system:
Kidneys are functioning.

Respiratory system:
Your baby is practising breathing movements.

Outer ears have moved from the neck to the side of the head. The outer ear continues to develop but the middle and inner ears are fully formed.

Eyes, although still wide apart, have moved from the sides of the head to the front. Eyelids are fused shut.