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Faint Line on Pregnancy Test

Many women that who are trying to have a baby wish for the two lines result from with all of their heart. But what if the home pregnancy test shows not one line, not two, but the control line and another one that is faint or evaporating? These situations are the worst because you don't know what to think. To resolve this issue, you have to know why this is happening and, when retesting, to not do the same mistakes anymore.

How Early Can I Use a Urine Pregnancy Test?

All of the pregnancy tests found on the market are made to highlight the presence of a certain quantity of hCG. Depending on their sensibility, tests can be taken even on the 4th day before period. The best moment though, is after minimum 10-14 days after you had the unprotected sexual intercourse.

The problem with these tests is that not all women have the same levels of hormones in their urine. The best way to confirm a pregnancy when you do feel pregnant is to see a gynecologist or to have a blood exam.

What are the Results of a Pregnancy Test and What do they Mean?

It's very simple. If you se Two lines, it means that you are pregnant and one line means indicates that you are not. Not getting any line shows the test is faulty. When a faint line on the test window appears frequently, it means you are pregnant. The thing is to let the test enough time to process the results (5-10 minutes). If the line is evaporating, it means that you have to wait more, not that you are pregnant. Results that appearing after more than 10 minutes are not valid.

What are the causes of Faint Positives?

It's important that you remember that pregnancy tests based on hCG levels are not like switches, you caNot turn them oF or on when in contact with urine. They have to have time to chemically react to the hCG and can produce lines from an intense color to a very light one. Just to be sure, wait for a couple of more days and do the test again, the levels of hormones, if you are indEd pregnant, should have grown.