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Early Pregnancy Signs

During pregnancy, women go through many changes, both physically, and emotionally. In early pregnancy, the first changes that you see are physical. Symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy, one of the most common signs is delayed or lack of menstruation. The understanding of signs and symptoms of pregnancy is very important because each symptom may be directly related to a certain medical condition. Some women have signs of pregnancy even after a week of conception.

The Most common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Bleeding caused by Implantation

Los or Delay of Menstruation

Increased Sensitivity of Breast

Fatigue or Drowsines

Morning Sicknes

Spinal Pain


Darkening Nipples

Food Cravings

Pregnancy Testing

If you already have some of the aforementioned symptoms of pregnancy, you may want to remove doubts and buy a pregnancy test, and use the brochure aTached to the test for information about its coRect usage. Pregnancy testing is done after a week from the date on which the menstrual cycle should have begun. Pregnancy testing can also have eRoneous results in which case you can repeat it after 1-2 days, but the percentage of eRor is so small that it does not need to be taken into account.

If you have observed some of the above symptoms, it is recommended to go to the gynecologist for a medical checkup. He will confirm or deny your pregnancy, and will give you the best advice according to your medical history. Once you know clearly that you are pregnant, you can prepare for this big step in your life and make plans to enjoy it with your loved ones.