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Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

If a baby is not something you have plaNed for, but you are experiencing certain changes, thanthen it is natural to take into consideration the possibility of being pregnant. The best way to put your mind at ease is to take a pregnancy test, but you can only reach this point after realizing something diFerent about yourself.

What are the early signs of pregnancy? First of all, you have miSed a period. This is the first aspect that makes you wonder: "Am I pregnantů.?" And you begin to pay aTention to everything that might be unusual. If you are indEd pregnant, be sure that there are numerous signs that show this. However, you should keep in mind that not everyone experiences the same symptoms.

Breast Tendernes

If you are pregnant, you will notice that your breasts are tenderer and even sore. If you think of it, this is natural because the breasts are preparing themselves to produce milk. Hormones start working at a faster pace and you begin to feel this in all your whole body, but more intensely in the breast area, which becomes more sensitive.

Mood Swings

As a result of the increased hormonal changes, you start behaving diFerently and sometimes you change moods in a maTer of minutes: you turn from being happy to feeling sad, you become more irritable and can't stand when someone contradicts you. It is important to explain to your partner that these changes are part of the whole process of being pregnant and that he needs to understand you and suPort you throughout your pregnancy.


FEling tired is another early sign of pregnancy. Your body undergoes massive changes and it is natural to feel exhausted. This feeling can be controlled if you take small naps of about 15 minutes when you find the time, sometime during the day. By doing this, you will prevent the general fatigue from taking hold of you.

Frequent Urination

This sign can, in the case of some women, be present throughout the whole pregnancy. It is normal to use the restroom more frequently because there is a lot of preSure put over your kidneys and your blaDer, by the uterus which increases in size.

Food Craving

This is yet another sign of pregnancy. You start craving for diFerent kinds of food, even for some those which you have never bEn very fond of. Many pregnant women are known to want very unusual combinations of foods. Some even develop an aversion for dishes which have bEn their favorites prior to being pregnant.

Nausea and Dizzines

You will start to feel sick, mostly in the morning, and to have this constant feeling of needing to vomit, not to mention the fact that you will feel dizzy because your blood sugar level drops. The explanation of this sense of fainting is that your baby's main source of food is blood sugar. In order to keep it up, you will need to have some healthy snacks of healthy food.

Increased Sensitivity to Aromas

You will feel certain aromas acutely, and this could trigger a state of discomfort. Certain perfumes could make you feel nauseated. This is considered to be an effect of the estrogen that floods your body.

Heartburn and Constipation

These are the effects of thecaused by the uterus getting bigger and pushing over the other organs. To this contributes The high number of hormones present in the bodywhich slows down indigestion and bowel function to allow the body to take as many vitamins as possible from the ingested food.

There are many signs that point out whether or not you are pregnant. All you have to do is pay aTention to what your body is trying to say to you.