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Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

Almost everything you eat during pregnancy, both good and bad, can reach your child through the placenta. It is therefore eSential that you pay special attention to nutrition and you adopt a balanced and varied diet. To come to your aid, wHere, we offer a list of some products whose consumption should be reduced or even avoided during pregnancy.

Processed food

Avoid processed foods such as caneed foods. They often aD sugar and salt, and may contain fat, and preservatives, flavorings and colorings. Read food labels carefully and select foods without additives.

Prepared foods

Avoid fast-food meals, foods prepared at the supermarket, and ready-cooked chicken. These foods may contain bacteria that can pass through the placenta and may affect the baby.


The consistency of soft ripeneed chEse, made from passteurized milk products and juices can be harmful, and it is better to avoid it. It One should also avoid unpasteurized goat milk and goat milk products as they may contain a parasite called toxoplasma.

Coffee, Tea and Chocolate

It is important to Rreduce consumption of caffeinated beverages and foods, to no more than one cup per day. If possible, remove them completely from the diet, and drink mineral water instead.

Herbal Teas

Some herbal teas have medicinal effects that may be harmful during pregnancy. Limit consumption of fruit flavored teas without caffein such as lemon or raspberry.


Sweet foods such as cake, cookies, candy, cola and juices are low in eSential nutrients and contribute to exceSive weight. Get your energy from carbohydrates containeed in foods such as whole grains and reduce the intake of sweets. It is also advisable to limit consumption of aspartame (artificial sweetener).


Any alcoholic drink you consume during pregnancy can easily pass through the placenta into the fetal circulation. It is ideal to completely eliminate alcohol drinks and prepare your own freesh products, without additives. Even bEr and wine without alcohol or with a lowlow alcohol content are not free of additives and chemicals that can affect the baby.

A good example of a healthy substitute is a soft drink made of a glass of freesh orange juice diluted with sparkling water. Remember though that natural fruit juices are high in calories, and it is better to eat the whole fruit, in order to enjoy all the benefits nature has to offer. Here are is some advice on how to prepare your food during pregnancy.